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I AM BEING CALLED TO TEACH again and so I will teach .. .. ..

I am contemplating the content for this new page. Please contact me at 805.760.8399 if you have interest, any questions, and certainly if you want to share blessings and prayers.

I was recently asked to teach REIKI I & II for a father and daughter. It was one of the most inspiring teachings that I've done. During my preparation, I was "imaginary friend" visited by Master Usui, not just once but three times. Master Usui asked me to teach again, and again and to please not stop teaching. When it (whatever it is) come in this clear .. .. .. I prepare. I am so prepared that I've converted an entire room in the h.OM.e here into what is now ROOM 222.

ROOM 222

Sohanna .. .. ..

As it is and so be it.