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New Moon Circle & Fire Ceremony 
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01 through 13

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Dates, locations and times will be posted on the calendar page.

The Moon was hanging in the sky long before a clock was hanging on a wall. The sun was traveling in the sky long before time was flying (in what we perceive as) out of control. The earth was spinning in perfection long before humans began to spin out and away from nature. The ways of working with the moon, the sun and this beautiful planet Earth will not only balance your efforts, slow your life down in gentle and meaningful ways but it will help you to remember who you really are.

I've been hosting moon circles for over a decade and I've studied and I've practiced with the workings of the moon in all phases, aspect, seasons, other planetary involvement and more since I was a young one on the quest.

Spring - Intention
Summer - Focus
Fall - Gratitude 
Winter - Introspection

Sohanna .. .. .. 805.760.8399

Call if you have questions about any gatherings.

The image is that of the amazing moon flower. This flower grows on a vine that travels its way to the night sky, while the flowers only open to the light of the moon.

The Beauty Way - The Moon
The Origin Medicines 
energy . guidance . intelligence . truth and magic

Most of us gaze into the vast and tremendous sky, we dream of the great cosmos, we travel by way of visionary realism to our places far away in the galaxy wide and wonderful while we are stationed here on Earth. While we are here on Earth we should know the ways of this amazing planet and how things work on and around it. We should know the ancient, the now and the future ways. We should know “The Beauty Way”. 

The next gathering will be at the New Moon of Thursday October 19th with a New Moon Direction Setting Circle and Fire Ceremony and continuing on to Friday October 20th - Sunday October 22th The Origin Medicines will be offering the teachings of The Beauty Way, the nature ways of working with the cycles of the moon.

This teaching is designed for a workshop, offered to a group of no more than 13. Why 13? To have one being to respect and represent each moon in the true 13 moon count ways. Come discover the ways of working with the moon, from the 3 primary phases of each single moon cycle, the New Moon (waxing), the Full Moon and (waning) the Dark Moon. We will work within 28 sunrises all held close by 4 magical seasons. We will collectively tend to the alchemy of the days and nights, to the great harmony of nature, to the reality and truth in the consistency of the moon and we will balance it all to synchronize your living experience. 

Please call me, Sohanna for further information @ 805-760-8399. I don’t text. 

Thank you.

The cost of this weekend workshop is set at $333, with $111 “good faith” deposit required as soon as you decide you want to be with us, this is to hold a place for you. The remaining $222 must be paid no later than Thursday October 12th. The “good faith” deposit will not guarantee your place if the workshop fills up with fully paid and registered attendees.

Thank you again.