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Present – Now, you are the gift with purpose
- the experience within living your greatness
Progression – moving towards fulfillment of destiny

"Present Life Progression" the expansion/intensive workshop, the first of its kind will be offered at Spring Equinox of 20.18.

Call for more information.

Thank you.

For now .. .. .. the content of this page has become very lengthy and messy as so much goodness is happening very quickly with the progression of this loving service. The content has been taken down as of so that it may be cleaned up and shared in grater clarity. This is being done in this moment, most likely if you are reading this the clean up is taking place.

Check back in the middle of the week.

Blessings, love and more,

Sohanna .. .. ..

       Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
.. .. .. a SOUL that appreciates Laurel Lyons
    The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth

"The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                            what kind of love the love is. "
  Laurel Lyons              

                                            phone 805.760.8399