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"My Mom is a weird Mom because my Mom is a Shaman. She is a great Mom. She is a greater Shaman. She is the deepest sense of the ways of the Shaman. People say that they are Shaman. My Mom doesn't say that she is a Shaman. My Mom is a Shaman and you should let her be all that she is for you." K Lyons ~ Portland, OR

"A reading with Laurel is like having a massage on your mind." Macklin Bickford ~ Napa Valley, CA

"Upon being introduced to her, I realized just how powerful her spirit is. Laurel, in her sincere way, made me feel very at peace with just her company. Her undeniable light aura, her kindness, her honesty, her humanity, her sense of humor, claimed me immediately. We were instantly connected and bonded. Laurel has a way with the universe that words cannot express. Her spiritual connection to life and beyond is pure. There are no descriptive words to compare the joy she is and brings.

Our session was intense, with much beautiful emotion and absolute truth to my situation and being. The care, concern, love, and loyalty never faltered or seemed an act. She brought me spiritual balance in a time that mattered more than most. Never have I ever felt more welcomed and loved as if that was a place I had always belonged. I cannot wait to be visit her again and bond with her spirit even more so. I feel as if I was given a gift of real love. She helped soften my heart and soul. Tiffany Brock ~ San Jose, CA

"We are back in Tokyo with safe trip.We met with Laurel a year ago and came back to Sedona just to see her again. This trip is very meaningful trip for us. Of course, last time, too. But this trip bound us as a team, family, so much. Again, thank you so much Laurel. We love you very very much." Yumi and Yuki Nemoto ~ Tokyo, Japan

"I had my first phone session with Laurel about one month ago.  She is astute, palpably empathetic, and genuinely intuitive.  We connected.  She supplied information that is leading to new direction and connection in my life.  I would love to share conversation with her daily and found the price paid for our talk more than worth it.  I recommend her highly." Kim Munoz ~ San Jose, CA

"With an open heart and mind, I had an AMAZING opportunity to have an energy reading and healing work done with Laurel Lyons.  I quickly learned that Laurel is a profoundly magical and powerfully intuitive healer; in fact THE BEST I have ever worked with.  Moreover, Laurel is the purest form of LOVE I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Her INFINITE INTELLIGENCE and poignant INTUITION are nothing short of REMARKABLE.  What I continue to marvel at is Laurel's appreciation for ALL individuals, as she uses her gorgeous gifts for the GOOD of HUMANITY.

Laurel reminds us of which that we are and maybe have forgotten. She helped me clear and release the barriers and limitations I have constructed all of my life, so that positive light energy was all that was left. By the end of my two- hour session, I returned to the joyous being that I truly am and came to adore my own existence. I now refer to my beautiful friend Laurel, as "A GAME CHANGER"! Kristin S. ~ San Jose, CA

"IF IN SEDONA...YOU MUST SEE LAUREL LYONS...I repeat...must see Laurel Lyons. Laurel is beyond all the names, all the hype, all the show...she is real. None of this guessing game psychic, Laurel is pulling from the truth of the ethers as she tunes into who you are and who you have the power to be in this world. Within the first 5 minutes you feel as though you've known Laurel forever and she is telling you things only you know in a way that allows you to learn, grow and see the future that will be most fulfilling for you because it is of the highest knowing.

Beyond Laurel's readings, her Reiki is one of a kind. She takes you to a place of deep healing and true renewal. I had also never been to a "medicine" woman before and Laurel knows plants. Her essential oils/plant knowledge will leave you amazed by her creations...P.S. Her toothpaste changes lives.

Genevieve Munoz ~ Sedona, AZ

"Laurel Lyons is a true and Authentic Self who has empowered me to follow my true path without question or fear. She has shown me Love, Acceptance while at the same time encouraging me to live in the moment. She has encouraged me to work with Integrity and Dignity in All Ways while remaining true to myself. Laurel has guided me to illuminate my spirit and path to shine evermore for every living thing." MB Mulcahy ~ Mesa, AZ  

"Laurel Lyons is a testament to the goodness, truth, and spirit of service. This sojourner has worn a beautiful and distinctive way on the path to freedom. Laurel gracefully guides others towards recognition of their divinity through the ease and authenticity of her presence. Deep wisdom of the ages resound in this tremendously intuitive, deeply devoted, simple and humble servant of humanity. I am blessed to have her in my life." William Murphey ~ Sedona, AZ

Laurel Lyons is the most dedicated and loving individual I have ever met. She sheds tears with You and Sees You for WHO You Are, while maintaining GraceFULL Integrity. She doesn't just teach or heal, she sits with You. And the act of sitting with another in full integrity is the most amazing gift one can give to another. Thank You For Being YOU Laurel Lyons. Christine Campbell ~ Portland, OR

have been acquainted with Sohanna Laurel Lyons for a few years now here in Sedona. I've seen her around town and have had light conversation a couple of times. I have never known what it is that she does exactly. I went to her blindly after she spoke up on FB when I put it out there that I was having difficulties. I was really blown away by her abilities! She was able to tap in to my health and my out of balance hormones and she told me what supplements, essential oils, foods and crystals I needed to balance me. Anything else I was doing, or not doing, that my body wasn't happy with she told me what to do differently. She was able to tap in to others involved with me that were causing harm and how to dispel that energy. She was able to see into my future. I was able to ask her why a certain thing kept happening at a certain time of day lately and the answer she had absolutely made sense. The things she knows she can only know because she is clairvoyant, psychic, telepathic, wise and knowledgeable. I know there is much more to her and her services but I'm not sure what all that entails. I highly recommend you check her out! What a pleasant surprise! And what a gift to have received her services! Bobbi Steinmetz ~ Sedona, AZ    

      Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
.. .. .. a SOUL that appreciates Laurel Lyons
The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth

     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "
   Laurel Lyons              

                                       phone 805.760.8399