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A very special testimonial ~

Before leaving the UK for a holiday we had made the decision to get married after being together for 17 years and wanted it to be a special occasion. We had no plans formulated other than we wanted it to take place somewhere in Sedona as we had fallen in love with this magical part of the world on a previous visit. We were very fortunate to meet Laurel in late October 2012 when we visited a Healing and Crystal Centre in Sedona.

After our first meeting we would find ourselves drawn to the Centre daily just to spend sometime with Laurel and would sit in the garden by the creek having our daily chats. From the very first time that my partner Stan and I met Laurel in Sedona there was a strong connection between us. Laurel has a beautiful presence and radiates love and compassion. She has so much understanding, wisdom and knowledge that you feel so blessed to have met her. It was during one of our many chats that we discovered that Laurel had actually carried out wedding ceremonies. Stan and I felt at that moment that our meeting was meant to be, we had found the very person who could bless our relationship, who understood us, connected with us spiritually and knew how much this day meant to us.

We tentatively asked Laurel if she would marry us and she agreed stating that she normally would like more time spent with each person before delivering a service but felt our soul connection so strongly. Laurel chose the date and the time of our wedding to be aligned with the moon and the stars (2 November 2012 at 2.00pm). We handed over all of the details of the service to Laurel and we were not disappointed.

The words she spoke on that day were so poignant and so full of love. We were anointed with sacred oils and our rings blessed. Laurel left a fingerprint on our wedding certificate from the sacred oils that were used, giving us further special memories of our day. This was the perfect ceremony for us delivered by a person that is so intuitive, compassionate, respectful and so in tune with the energies and people around her.

We are so grateful for our chance meeting with Laurel and are now lifelong friends. We have told so many of our friends and family, that if they too want a ceremony, which is personal and unique to them, Laurel is the very person to contact.

Sue and Stan Goodin
Hereford, Herefordshire -United Kingdom, England

          Laurel Lyons ~ a woman who appreciates sacred life energy.
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     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "
                                           Laurel Lyons              

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