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Zadya Po Veba

A visual testimonial to who Laurel Lyons really is, she is "Sheyana Niya - The Healer". She is a white witch. She is a medicine woman. She is Laurel of Light and Love.

Ae Sullivan - Soul Guide visual Medesign Woman
4D Visual Artist

Laurel received “the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki” from January through February, of 2008. She is very sensitive, spiritually aware and fully ready to transmit the rites as a Munay-Ki mentor.

Piera Fumagalli
Medicine Wheel Graduate The Four Winds Society

If you are reading about Laurel but you've not yet met her in person, I pray as I write these words that your paths will cross! Laurel is someone who is able to make connections over illusory boundaries of time and space. How does she do it? With a heart full of unconditional love, a depth of knowledge,  through a sharp awareness that she both possesses and is willing to teach!

Mary L. Holden
Author & Editor

Laurel, a simply amazing Great Goddess of Soul. People of the world, here is a master of the Heart. If you need support, there is no finer Healer in the world. Bless yourself and the World. Aho, peace, blessings.

William OMara
Life Coach, Author, Teacher

Laurel is a remarkable spiritual leader and healer. She exudes a true compassion, warmth, sincerity and respect for all living beings that brings me great comfort and peace when in her presence. I am grateful and honored to be able to share in her loving energy and light.

Melissa Remotti
Reiki Master/Teacher & Practitioner

I completely recommend Laurel as a healer and instructor.  I have found her to be inspiring, honest and an overall kindred spirit.  Her warm, loving heart and professionalism are a delightful balance for learning and healing.

Stephanie Galgano
Professional, Highly Skilled Mother of Two Amazing Boys

Laurel Lyons - Certified Reiki Master, from being one of her students I would say she is much more.  How about Laurel Lyons - Certified Reiki Master and Medicine Woman? That's my favorite. To me she is a Medicine Woman, my Medicine Woman of choice. 

Zan Carol Angeli
Saturation Specialist of Love & Joy

In 2009 I had the honor and privilege of working with Laurel. Laurel's ability to stay grounded, centered and focused helped me to embody my work with her in a healthy environment for myself.  I could not have asked for a better teacher, mentor, or guide to assist me in this loving process.  I have found Laurel to be an incredible multi-faceted healer and medicine woman and I am ever so proud to now call her my friend as well.

Monica De Vee
Librarian of The Akashic Library & Naturopath

Laurel has been a truly amazing, positive and loving person to me. She has been the catalyst to my healing - mind, body and soul. She truly does empower us to create change for ourselves and our lives. She is light, she is love, she is inspiration. 

Shelby Farrell
Licensed Child and Family Interface Therapist

“Deep, relaxing, transformative, sacred, profound, insightful, illuminating ... need I say more?"

Vince Chafin
Sacred Medicine Carrier, Sound Healer, Ceremonial Leader and more

Laurel is a dear soul.  Through "The Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki", intuitive counsel, a "Sacred Life Energy - Yours" workshop, and lastly a dream medicine workshop I have consistently experienced Laurel to be a woman who gives of herself and time solely for healing, reaching, teaching, and enjoying each and every person's higher self. Laurel has a genuine heart, and she makes no apologies or excuses for what she intuitively knows and understands.  She is a brave teacher who is not afraid to guide the lead warriors. She is divine magic in an earthling! 

April Rucker
Intuitive/Psychic Counselor, Energy Healing Master

“In 2010 I began a quest to free myself from patterns, thoughts and habits that no longer served me. I worked with therapists, studied meditation, yoga, and more.  I made much progress, and then got stuck. I met Laurel at a lucid dreaming workshop. I soon began Reiki sessions with her and noticed improvements in my spirit. I learned that she has so much more to offer.   Her “Sacred Life Energy” workshop helped me to reestablish the relationship with my higher self and I began a path of greater spiritual awareness. The rewards in my creativity, tranquility and peace of mind have been a miracle.   Laurel's work has had great positive influence on myself and my state of being. She is a priceless gift.”

Jeffrey Sloan
Visual artist, musician & sound master, documentary film maker

Laurel is an intuitive and sensitive woman by nature. It is through her heart centered, compassion that she advocates an individual's right for spiritual depth, amazing healing and profound growth. It is within her core, her sweet essence of kindness, that she gives immense devotion to those who confide in her. Laurel holds a deep understanding of Spirit and she knows how Spirit is deeply rooted in each individual. Laurel's insights and her ability to assist others go beyond space and time, while always centered in the heart.

Rachel Williams
Reiki Master, Craniosacral Therapist

          Laurel Lyons ~ a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
              Sohanna ~ the SOUL that appreciates Laurel Lyons
The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth

     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "
      Laurel Lyons              

                                           phone 805.760.8399