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What is KorManu?

"KorManu is ancient and futuristic. It is not Reiki, but Universal Life Force Energy forms the energetic base within an individual on this plane to receive the more laser-like energies of KorManu.

With KorManu Activation you step through a gateway of your own choice. Not many individuals have moved through this sacred gateway of self-knowledge and understanding. This sacred passage is causal and will be a catalyst for your highest attainment as well as for the healing of others. By accepting this energy you vow to use all knowledge forthcoming in only Love. Know that this method is from the stars and is used extensively throughout the various civilizations throughout the cosmos.

It comes to us from the Fourteenth Dimension, which is the full circle of past, present and future. It has its birth in the language of the Dolphins, and comes to the Earth from the Dolphin Planet. It is used in many of the major star systems, which is where we originally learned it.

KorManu is being brought to Earth through the co-creative efforts of human receivers, Dolphin holders, and inter-dimensional Beings who are committed to the awakening of the Planet. KorManu is intelligent, powerful, creative and dramatic. It is evolutionary, therefore individuals who have received this attunement will be inspired by Spirit in the moment, and will bring through many other symbols and methods of moving Light.

Individuals who have received these attunements will also be assisted in their personal ascension process. It is also important that all channels for this energy be conscious of their motives and establish an unconditionality of being before using it"

Descriptive from Amethyst Holistic's out of the United Kingdom.
Thank you Amethyst Holistic's.

I am very proud to be a KorManu Master. I am one of 140 KorManu Masters on this planet at this time. I was recognized as a KorManu Master by another KorManu Master from the United Kingdom back in 2008. The KorManu Master acknowledged me, certified me and shared the channeled information for KorManu Masters that had been translated to knowing and to text. This all took synchronicity pathway right after I had taken sacred symbols from dreams, visions and as shown to me during healing support sessions. I had body art (tattoos) of the sacred symbols placed on my forearms. Some of the symbols were very much the same as the symbols channeled by other KorManu Masters. The Mother Divine - Mother Mary, Jesus, El Moyra and a few others are present with me almost all of the time.

It is said that The Great White Brotherhood sends KorManu to the Masters on Earth.

Life is a trip! Yes? Yes.

Sohanna .. .. ..  

"The Great White Brotherhood", the WHITE is not about skin color. The WHITE is about the light.

        Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
           Kria Sohanna
.. .. .. a SOUL that appreciates Laurel Lyons
The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth

     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "
   Laurel Lyons              

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