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THE ORIGIN MEDICINES of energy . guidance . intelligence . truth . and magic

Smoke of the red willow bark, the palo santo and the angel wing sage.
Winds that spiral around us of the ancient, the now and the future ways.
Please protect the love rights-writes-rites that are shared on this web page.

Prim.all . Creators . Mother . Father . thank you for this day . thank you for the ways that I may serve you . thank you for the beauty that you give to me . thank you that I . SEE . the magic that I AM . thank you for the miracle of this planet and its living REALm . thank you for blessing ME . and all of my earth tribe.

as it is and so be it

Sohanna .. .. .....

I promote myself on the world wide web, as I work to do my part to manifest the highest good for all. I feel  that more of us should promote our highest selves while we do our part to co-create the highest good for all. My journey has been a powerful and empowering, continually expanding (many times demanding) way. I began "coming out" on the web, with MySpace. I moved my focus to blogging in 2006. This web site has served me well. I created this website knowing nothing about creating a websites at the time. I maintain this website, and I feel about continuing on this way. Not only was this website created as a growth platform for me but also as a constant reminder of my assignments here on Earth as a hopeful Soul, and this website has helped to hold me to my Mission Statement as an inspired (human) being. 
As it is and so be it.

Sohanna .. .. ..

     Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy 
           Sohanna .. .. .. a soul that appreciates Laurel Lyons
        The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth 

     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "

                                           Laurel Lyons               

                                    phone 805.760.8399 


The Origin Medicines aka Sohanna is in the progress of change, change is so good. To share directly, beginning, I AM joyfully pledged to the old fashioned ways of communication, direct face to face or indirect by that device that we all spend way too much money on, that device called a cell phone. Let it be known that device is called a phone. Phones are for talking. I talk. I don't text. Please do not text me. All that you will get back is a text that asks you to call me. That is all you will get back in the form of a text so please just call to begin with.

Thank you.

Blessings, love and more,

Sohanna .. .. ..